Forest Schools

Forest school is an opportunity for children to experience the outdoor environment and nature in a managed, secure and hands on way. The sessions are planned and led by Mr Peet, who is a trained Forest School Leader, and the children spend the afternoon session outside in all weathers. Rain will not cause the sessions to be cancelled (unless there is also a strong wind or thunder) – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!” is a phrase often used in Scandinavia (where Forest School originated).

 Our ‘Forest’ is the small wooded area located on the right-hand boundary of the school grounds where there is a mixture of trees and ground level bushes, and sloping, undulating ground. The children are encouraged to explore, to discover and to learn through first-hand experiences and activities (both planned by the leader and initiated by the children themselves). Building independence, self-esteem and resilience, as well as collaboration through teamwork, are important parts of Forest School, and the children learn to assess, appreciate and take risks, making sensible, informed decisions about how to tackle the activities and experiences they encounter. Activities that the children have enjoyed include den-building, leaf-threading, nature art, mud creatures, mud faces, elder bracelets, the ‘lava-river challenge’ and popcorn, marshmallows and stick bread over a campfire.