Our Vision 

Leominster Primary School has high expectations of both learning and progress and ensures that children are taught to the highest possible standard. We are committed to children’s well being, providing all of them with the opportunities to reach their full potential.  

Our whole school community, including pupils, staff, parents and governors have been involved in preparing our school vision, by answering the question, “What makes Leominster Primary School special?’ We have drawn on everybody’s responses in order to write our school vision statements: 

Leominster Primary School inspires, challenges and nurtures the individuality of the next generation. We aim to prepare pupils for all stages of their education, as well as equip them with high aspirations for their future lifelong learning. 

Leominster Primary School provides high quality education in an inclusive environment, building a foundation for life. We ensure that all of our children believe in themselves and their abilities, aspire to be the best they can be and most importantly, want to learn, so that they can continue on their journey to achieve their dreams and goals. 

We then went on to consult the staff, pupils, parents / carers and the community to think of a motto for our school, which sums up everything that we stand for and have decided upon:



Within our vision statement we aim to: 

  • Provide a supportive, friendly and nurturing environment with a welcoming atmosphere, enabling all children to feel safe and secure, and know that they are always listened too. 
  • Ensure that all children, regardless of ability are able to access all areas of our curriculum and any extra-curricular activities held, enabling them to feel a real sense that they share, own and can make the fullest possible use of every opportunity provided. 
  • Help our pupils develop a love for learning, encouraging them to try new and exciting things, develop lively enquiring minds and give them a solid foundation to build on 
  • Promote the values of respect, helpfulness, generosity and cooperation in all aspects of school life, enabling each child to thrive in our school environment and in the wider world as future citizens 
  • Challenge and lead each pupil to discover their special individual talents and develop an understanding that the talents we all have, are essential for successful learning. 
  • Work together, school, parents and carers to support each child’s learning, through teamwork, tolerance and cooperation 

Come along and visit our family to see what you think! 



Our school values define our community and enable every member of our school to prepare themselves for learning and life. Understanding each other and the remarkable talents we all have is essential to successful learning. 

Our values are summed up in the following way:


Which is displayed in our library for all to see. 

In addition to these key school values we also adopt the Government recommended British values to prepare children for life in Modern Britain. 

Click here to see our British values.

We strive to instil all of these values into our pupils and within our whole school community. 

Each year we focus on certain values within our assemblies and curriculum.