PE and Sport

Physical education and sport have endless benefits for our young people. Physical activity not only benefits our physical health, but also our emotional health and well being too which is why it is so imporant that it is built into EVERY young perons daily routine.


If you missed our webinars this week, we are giving you another chance to find out more about activities that you can do as a family. This is ideal for families looking for inspiration over the summer holidays!

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Keeping Active during lockdown

Our friends at Stride Active have produced some amazing resources to help us all keep active during lockdown.

Here is a timetable of resources for you to use. This timetable includes PE videos, fitness activities, brain breaks and school games/sport activities.

Click HERE for Keeping active timetable week 2

Click HERE for Keeping active timetable week 3

Click HERE for Keeping active timetable week 4

Click HERE for Keeping active timetable week 6

Click HERE for Keeping active timetable week 7

Click HERE for an activity tracker. This can be used to track your daily activity.

Click HERE to take part in the Stride Active alphabet challenge. Go out for a walk and find as many things beginning with the letter of the day. Stride Active Alphabet Challenge


PACES is a local sports coaching company. They provide high quality services to primary schools. PACES have been working very hard during lockdown and have designed a series of lesson plans suitable for home learning. You will be able to download these and save as a PDF if you wish to. Some of the activities have videos to support learning and the links for these are on each plan. You can also access these on PACES Coaching youtube channel.

Click HERE for Year 5 and 6 PE

Click HERE for Year 3 and 4 PE

Click HERE for KS1 PE

Click HERE for PACES website.

New PE lesson plans from PACES sports coaching HERE

Ways for you to be active:

  • Walk, cycle or scoot to school

  • Join a new sports club or team

  • Limit your screen time

  • Spend more time outdoors or just simply playing with toys

  • Help out with some simple household chores such as hoovering

The NHS website has some great ideas to help you and your family get active at home. Click HERE to see them.