School Parliament

Our School Parliament is run and led by the children and is supported by two members of staff (Mrs Eckley-Gardner and Mrs Harrison).

The School Parliament takes an active role in making decisions and sharing suggestions on behalf of the children in the school.

How we work

Each class from Years 1-6 elect a child to represent them at the School Parliament meetings. The two representatives discuss and share ideas with their class and then feedback during the School Parliament meetings. All classes have a book to keep records of School Parliament meetings.

Our meetings focus on ways to improve the school and all suggestions come from us, the children.


What have we done?

> Reopened the school library for KS2 to use and take books out

> Designed the school playground for markings and new equipment

> Ensured there are lots of extra-curricular after school clubs

> Reintroduced the friendship stop and ensuring everyone is happy at playtimes

> Focused on the importance of recycling and provided each class with a paper recycling bin.

> School Council noticeboard displayed in the library, at the heart of the school

Our next steps

  • To investigate the option to buy fruit during break time (KS2)
  • To decide on a charity to support for this term
  • To discuss opportunities to work with other classes from different year groups (Art activities, sports, paired reading)