School Uniform

The Governors have agreed a policy that all pupils shall be encouraged to wear the following school uniform:

  • A sweatshirt in purple, plain or bearing the embroidered school badge.

  • Girls may wear a purple cardigan, plain or bearing the embroidered school badge.

  • A plain polo shirt (underneath) white or purple.

  • Boys: Plain grey trousers or shorts.

  • Girls: Plain grey skirts. Grey pinafore. Plain grey trousers.

  • Summer wear: Polo shirt plus grey bottom half with an option of purple/white gingham checked dresses for girls.

  • Footwear: Low heeled, black shoes. Trainers are not seen as healthy or sensible footwear to wear all day in school.


Sweat shirts and t-shirts, with the school logo on together with plain shorts can be obtained from Clubsport, Leominster.

PE Kit

  • Purple t-shirt with or without the school logo and black shorts.
  • For outdoor games, a pair of pumps will be needed in KS1 and trainers in KS2.
  • Dark tracksuits are advisable for autumn/winter.
  • Plus a small named drawstring bag to keep it in.

PE kit, including trainers should be kept in school all week and taken home to wash when necessary at the weekends.

We encourage the children to be independent and in line with this children who do not have their PE kit in school will not be allowed to borrow kit from other classes.

Children with long hair must have it tied back for all PE lessons.


Jewellery should not be worn or brought into school. Watches can be worn but no responsibility for damage or loss can be accepted. We also ask that nail varnish is not worn in school. The school cannot accept responsibility for injuries caused by the wearing of earrings. Children with pierced ears who need to wear earrings should only wear the stud type and they must be removed or covered for PE.