Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to year 5.

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and are looking forward to continuing the year 5 journey. We have lots of exciting things planned this term and we will be venturing outdoors to make the most of our wonderful school grounds as often as possible.

Please refer to the site as often as possible for updates, letters and photos.

Please see the links below in 'How to Help Your Child at Home' for work to do if there is a school closure.

Extra work will be added on a regular basis.

Hello everyone! We hope you are all keeping well - we are missing you at school. If you haven't already, now is a good time to join the library. Even though it is closed, there are lots of eBooks and eAudio books available to hire online - and they are all free! You will need to download the BorrowBox app which you can get from your app store on mobile devices and tablets. If you aren't yet registered at the library, go to https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/jointhelibrary

Happy reading! Mrs Linton 🙂

Click on the links below to find out more about what we do in Year 5

> Y5 Curriculum Overview

> Y5 Maths Grid

> Y5 Reading Grid

> Y5 Writing Grid



Please encourage your child to read everyday. There is nothing more wonderful than getting 'lost' in a book. It is also a crucial part of educational development.

We would expect you child to read 10-15 minutes every day.


Click on the following link to access 100s of free ebooks.


You could also register for free on the following link with Oxford Owl:


If you try and read books from your accelerated reader level you can then quiz on the books and move up the levels in the same way you would in school. Forgotten your log in? Contact us on our year group e-mail (year5@lps.hereford.sch.uk) and we will send it to you.




You should now have received a parentmail with information about how to access Oxford Owl and Read Write Inc spelling. The link below will get you onto the site. The you need to click on CLASS LOGIN and put in the password you have been sent. Every week we will give you a focus to explore from the RWI resources.


w/b 4th May - Log on as described above. scroll down and choose Read, Write Inc. Spelling (end column, second box down). Scroll down the page and in the year group and then units tab choose the following:

Miss Pearson spelling group - year 6 - unit 3 (Challenge yourselves as the year 5 book was finished before lockdown)

Mrs McAtear spelling group - year 5 - unit 10

Mrs Brookes and Thomas spelling group - year 3 - unit 2

Writing Challenge

          Danielle Click her to read the report.

Thank you for all the wonderful entries for this challenge.

Here is the winning piece of writing which came from 5BT – we loved the amount of facts she managed to get in and captured why Captain Tom has inspired us all. They also thought really carefully about how to set out a newspaper with a headline, photo and a caption. WELL DONE!

Writing challenge:Every fortnight we will be adding a new writing challenge. The Year 5 team would love to see your child's entry. Please email their entry (this could be a photo of their work) to year5@lps.hereford.sch.uk by Thursday 11th June by 3pm. The year 5 teachers will chose a winner and their work will be published on the website. Have fun!


The challenge for this fortnight is to write an acrostic poem. Write the letters of SPRING going down the page. Use the letter to start a sentence or phrase about Springtime to produce a poem.


How to Help Your Child at Home

The government have produced a list of educational websites that can be used at home for free. Some we have already listed below but others may be useful.

Government List for Home Learning

Get physical at home with STRIDE AWAY

w/b 1st June



A video and maths activities for each lesson.  Please refer to week 5 lessons 1-5

Lesson worksheet and answers can be found below.


Lesson 1 - Worksheet

Lesson 1 - Answers

Lesson 2 - Worksheet

Lesson 2 - Answers

Lesson 3 - Worksheet

Lesson 3 - Answers

Lesson 4 - Worksheet

Lesson 4 - Answers

BBC Bitesize Daily



Try something different...

Terrific Technology Board Games

Take a journey around our board game and see who can make it first to the finishline, but watch out for those flat batteries on our electric cars as they could see you going backwards!




Making pom-poms!

Scroll down on this lovely website to find the pom-pom video! It's really simple to make and you can make lots of lovely colourful decorations.



Picture Weaving - click this link

Find a picture of your favourite famous person (you could even draw one) and see how they change when they are weaved.

Stick Figure Flick Book - click this link

Make a flicker book to tell a story through dawing.

Tin Can Windsock

Make something to look bright in the garden and have fun doing it.


Construct a bug hotel for Earth Day

Create a cosy place for all the creepy crawlies to hang out. Cut a two-litre plastic bottle into two cylinders, then stuff it with sticks, pine cones, bark, or any other natural material. Make sure to pack the organic material tightly. Then loop a piece of string or wool around the two cylinders and hang your bug hotel from a tree branch or fence.

Create a cosy place for all the creepy crawlies to hang out. Cut a two-litre plastic bottle into two cylinders, then stuff it with sticks, pine cones, bark or any other natural material. Make sure to pack the organic material tightly. Then loop a piece of string or wool around the two cylinders and hang your bug hotel from a tree or branch.

Learn how to DJ

A free app that teaches the basics of djing in a fun, interactive way without the need for expensive, specialist equipment. All you need is a phone or tablet and the free djay app by Algoriddim. Djay guides users through every stage of mixing, teaching them the basics of decks and loops before giving them the freedom to mix and remix their library of music. There’s even a video visualiser tool that lets users create their own music videos to accompany their mixes, and the app uses AI to help guide budding musicians through the process.

Bubble Mania Science Experiment


These experiments are a really fun way of bringing science and engineering to life and show that anyone can be an engineer or a scientist! Use sugar and soap to make a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble...

Click on the links below for activities and lessons to use at home:

How many of the year 5 and 6 spellings do you know?          Fun maths websites to explore!

3 minute times table challenges to try.              Earth and Space activities

Writing Task 1 - advertise your town

Theme of Colour - Plan and resorces below -  24th March

Poems to read  and template to write.                 Rainbow story            Rainbow Serpent reading comprehension

Rainbow Serpent story                  Calculations to work through...               24 Game - Maths Challenges

Theme of Magic - Plan and resources below - 6th April

Magic Moments plan

The Magical paintbrush story

The Magic Box poem    The Magic Box powerpoint     Writing Frame    Trickier Writing Frame

Character writing description example       Magical Creature images

Subject Verb Agreement Powerpoint with Quiz

Daily Calculations        Daily Calculation answers

Tricky Algebra Magic Squares       Magic Squares           Magic Star         Magic Maths Puzzles

Magic Paintbrush Story

J. K. Rowling Comprehension

Science is Magic

Magical Mindfulness Colouring

Click on the links below for further activities and lessons you can do at home..


White Rose - Daily lessons to complete at home


TT Rock Stars - times tables


Maths Frame


Primary Homework Help


Nrich provides CHALLENGING maths activities for those who are ready...



Topmarks - games to support reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar


BBC - provides activiteis and games to support the English curriculum


Classroom Secrets - provide home learning packs to use with your child


Oxford Owl - Rescorces to become an amazing creative writer, possibly the next J.K.Rowling


Weekly plan of home schooling lessons with all resources  - TWINKLE 30th March

Weekly plan - 6th April

Weekly plan - 20th April