Staff - Who's who

Headteachers - Mrs Rees and Mrs Lynch

Assistant Heads - Miss Cartwright, Miss Pearson and Mrs Eckley-Gardner

Early Years' Lead - Mrs Bristow

School Business Manager - Mrs Beaumont-Pike

Year 6 Teachers - Mrs Fletcher, Miss Pearson, Mrs Linton/Miss Cartwright

Year 5 Teachers - Mrs Brookes/ Mrs Thomas, Mr Rowntree, Mrs Brookes

Year 4 Teachers - Mrs Styles, Miss Hollis and Mrs Brookes

Year 3 Teachers - Miss Hawthorn, Miss Salter/ Mrs Oakley and Miss Cunnington

Year 2 Teachers - Mrs Eckley-Gardner/Mrs Poyner, Miss Evans and Miss Nash/Mrs Rutterford

Year 1 Teachers - Miss Preece/Miss Lloyd, Mrs Elliott and Miss Stanford

Year R Teachers - Mrs  Gunnell/Mrs Tisdale, Mrs South, Mrs Bufton

Nurture Group - Mrs Bristow

Nursery Teachers - Mrs Brown and Mrs Bufton
Nursery Nurse - Mrs Watkins, Mrs Wright and Mrs Harris

English Co-ordinator - Mrs Eckley-Gardner

Maths Co-ordinator - Mrs Eckley-Gardner 
Year 1, 2 and 3 Maths Co-ordinator - Miss Evans

PPA Teachers - Mrs Poyner, Miss Powell, Mr Cole, Mrs Linton, Mrs Tisdale
Mrs Oakley, Miss Lloyd, Miss Nash

SENCO - Mrs Stephenson KS2 & Mrs Hough KS1

Teaching Assistants - KS2: Mrs Farmer, Mrs Dorn, Mrs Pugh, Mr McShane, Mr Hardwick
KS1: Mrs Williams, Mrs Chandler, Miss Burrows, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Newman, Mrs Nichols and Miss Arnold
EYFS: Mrs Cawley, Mrs Pugh

SEN Teaching Assistants - Mrs Hunt, Mrs C Davies, Mrs Seaborne, Mrs Cole, Ms L Davies, Mrs Liddall,
Miss Davies, Miss Jackson, Miss Arnold, Mrs Hill, Mrs Tan, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs T Powell,
Mrs L Cooke, Mrs J Powell, Mrs S Burt, Ms H Williams, Ms Hotchkiss, Mrs L Evans, Mrs Robinson,
Miss Powis, Mrs Jordan

Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Lynch

Safeguarding Manager-Miss L Jones
Student and Family Support Worker - Mrs S Neville
Home-School Liaison Officer - Ms S Bentley

Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs Cole (Senior KS1 supervisor), Mrs Hunt (Senior KS2 supervisor), 
Ms A Davies, Ms L Davies, Mrs Dean, Mrs Evans, Mrs Farmer, Mrs Powell, Mrs Seaborne,
Mrs Tan, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Watton, Mrs Onyeke, Mrs Newman, Miss Rounds and Mrs Dorn.

Administration Team - Mrs Evans, Mrs Davies and Miss Ballard

Site Manager - Mr Corrigan
Assistant Caretaker - Mr J Braithwaite
Cleaners - Ms Davies, Mrs Manning, Mrs Onyeke,
Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Watton and Mrs Dean